Sunday, December 18, 2016

Editio VI.

(Alalia, Corsica. 266BC Winter) General Lucius Julius Libo, Legio I 'Italia' and Legio II 'Antiqua' stood deployed to the west of Alilia. To date this was the largest Roman Army yet deployed in the Etruscan War with 5,340 Legionnaires. From the hills they stood on they could look down into the Etruscan port city of Alilia where a force of 4,770 Etruscan warriors waited.

Legio I 'Italia' hooked towards the northern end of Alilia while Legio II 'Antiqua' pushed in to the west. General Libo was expecting a brutal fight in the streets of the city but was surprised when the Etruscan's sallied out of the center city. In the early going the Roman 1st Legion was hard pressed with a massive charge hitting advancing Legionnaires who were scattered in their approach. But reinforcements were rushed up, a mass of missile troops pored fire upon the Etruscans. 

Meanwhile the 2nd Legion pushed up in good form and met another mass of Etruscan warriors on 
the west edge of the city. The two forces joined battle which raged on and on. The two forces were grinding each other down. General Scipo commander of the Legio II was slain while the fighting was at its most fierce point. A couple of cohorts of Roman infantry pushed through the city and came back around to the flank of the Etruscan's, they threw a hail of pilas then charged the rear of the Etruscan force. The Etruscan men panicked and gave way. Victory was at hand, a battle won and a war ended with the Roman's as the conqueror of the Etruscan League.
Legio I faces the horde of blue clad Etruscan warriors.
Legio II 'Antiqua' battles the Etruscans on the west side of Alilia.

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