Saturday, December 17, 2016

Editio I.

(North of Rome. 272 BC) The 1st Legion 'Italia' under the command of General Lucius Julius Libo attempted to hide along the northern road out of Rome in the Forests and hills. A good sized Etruscan army of 2,040 soldiers was pushing south into Roman territory. General Libo and the Legio I were deployed for an ambush; but that was not to be. The Etruscans gained enough intelligence to locate the Romans and pushed down the northern road cautiously.

The Etruscans marched towards the 1st Legion then deployed into a line in the forest. The Romans were in a rough clearing on a hill. Below their line the Romans witnessed the Etruscan Spearman marching out of the forest. 
General Lucius Julius Libo's Body Guard charging through
the center of the line into the Etruscan's rear. 

The Etruscans advanced and battle was met. All along the line the two Armies grappled. With a larger force the Etruscans were able to try to turn both Flanks of the Roman line.  The Roman soldiers held the line and Roman Velites threw waves of projectiles at the Etruscan. The battle grinded on with many casualties till the Etruscan center melted and gave way. 

General Libo and his bodyguard of heavy Calvary at this point in time charged through the opening and waged havoc among the Etruscan missle troops behind the lines. At this point what was left of the Etruscan lines broke and routed. The Romans ended up causing 1,914 casualties in this victory for The 1st Legion and General Libo.

Bloodied blue clad Etruscans fighting in the center, they soon gave way to give Victory to the Romans.

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