Saturday, December 17, 2016

Editio II

(Velathri, 272 BC) The 1st Legion 'Italia' marched north from Rome into Etruscan territory. The commander General Lucius Julius Libo had the goal of defeating a weaker Etruscan force and taking the city of Velathri. 

Heavy rains slowed the progress of Legio I as it pushed up within striking distance of Velathri. The Etruscan army of only about 1400 troops sallied out of the town and met the Roman's in the rain in pasture land.
General Lucius Julius Libo.

The Etruscans deployed in a line, the Roman Legion marched forward. When the two foes were in missile range both forces rushed forward and charged into each other. In the clash and shock the Romans right flank was overwhelmed. General Libo salvaged that flank with a charge of Italian Mercenary Calvary. The Calvary fought spear-men and held their position. 

Meanwhile the rest of the line of battle was a straight out slug-fest. The Roman's with superior force finally broke the left, then the center and finally their right.

In the rout of the Etruscans Roman cavalry and infantry chased down and slayed hundreds of fleeing Etruscan's. The city of Velathri was then taken without a struggle, the first territory taken by the Romans in this campaign. 

In the foreground 1st Legion soldiers push the Etruscans while in the distance Italian Mercenary Calvary charges in. This is the point which the Etruscan lines broke.

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