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Editio XI.

Legio III 'Liberatrix' Advancing to Battle!
(Patavium in the Cisalpine. BC 262 Winter) Moon light gave the snowy Cisalpine landscape an eerie glow as Legio IV 'Herculia' and Legio III 'Liberatrix were in camp on the Po River valley. Roman Generals Tiberius Pulvillus and Lucius Cursor could be found in a large tent lit by torches, deep in discussion about the goings on of moving two legions up to an expected siege of Patavium, the Veneti town the Romans meant to take.

Suddenly sounds of commotion and the voices of sentries calling out "Fire and Foe!" shattered the night air. Cursor and Pluvillus locked eyes and smiled. The raid they were expecting was taking place. the Generals strode out of the tent and looked towards the river. Light from the flames enveloping a wagon could be seen in the distance. General Cursor barked an order for an junior officer to ride down and report back.

Minutes later they got their report and the all clear was sounded. A small force of raiders on horseback as had been predicted by the Roman spy network, were attempting to raid the Roman baggage train. The Romans had a couple of casualties and lost a wagon. But the rest of the baggage train was safe! A cohort of men had been detailed with night guard for a couple of nights, on guard for this raid predicted by intelligence. The Foe paid dearly, eight of the raiders were killed, two captured and one, a woman no less got away but was thought to be severely injured. She the Generals strongly suspected was a Insubres agent that they knew was in the province. War had not broken out with the Insubres but two of their armies were in the province; waiting no doubt to see how the upcoming battle would play out with the Romans and Veneti the next day.

Dawn broke out upon the Po River valley, The Romans three thousand and seven hundred strong were a bit blurry from the nights excitement. Regardless they broke camp and marched towards Patavium. They expected to siege the Veneti town but the enemy sallied out and took up positions on the same ridge the 1st Legion had fought up and over upon a few months ago. The Romans were having none of that, unlike General Libo and the 1st they declined charging up the steep slope, rather the two legions moved to their left (West) and intended on flanking the Veneti then heading for Patavium.

The barbarians were foiled and their General issued the order for the Veneti to charge! Down the slope onto the valley floor came the Celts with about two thousand six hundred warriors. The Roman's quickly formed battle lines and received the enemy charge! The fighting was brutal and over in a few minutes. The superior sized force of Romans vanquished the foe. The Celts retreated to the east of Patavium, Legio IV pursed and wiped out that small group. Legio III marched straight in and took Patavium.

On the Roman left Legio III 'Herculia' receives the charge of the Veneti!

This view is of Legio IV 'Liberatrix' on the right flank fighting off the Celt charge!


A Campaign Overview.
Map of Patavium.

Patavium is conquered, the Veneti Tribe vanquished! Yet the inscrutable Insubres and their next moves are a mystery. They now have two armies in the Provence.  Further complicating matters is that the Carthaginians
ended their non-aggression treaty with Rome. War will come in the south, but at what time? Conflict looks near in the north. The Romans want a year to rest, refit and recruit! Will they get that year is the question.

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