Sunday, December 18, 2016

Editio III

(Ariminum, 270 BC) General Lucius Julius Libo deployed the 1st Legion outside the port city of Ariminum. With a force of 2,660 legionaries Libo had enough men to simply storm Ariminum since the Etruscans had 1,890 troops available.

Etruscan Calvary charging Roman Infantry at the battle of Ariminum
Legio I split into two then enveloped the city from the west and the south. The western force with two cohorts of infantry and a unit of mercenary cavalry came out the worst for wear. Much of the battle they were overwhelmed by superior numbers. But the infantry kept their cohesion and stood their ground. The cavalry was ground down and the unit lost to General Libo.

On the southern side of town the majority of Legio I pushed into the center city port area. In the confusion conflicting orders were given and confusion resulted. The General rode up to the fighting, dressed the lines then pushed the infantry supported by missile troops into the Etruscians. The first line of defense was overwhelmed.

The Romans then pushed towards the last defense, at this time they surrounded the Etruscans and annihilated the garrison. Ariminum was taken and occupied.


State of the Republic. An overview of Roman Holdings. 

With Velathri and Ariminum taken the Roman Republic spans most of Italy in the fall of 270BC.  Only the Cisalpine Gaul regions north near the Alps remains out of control of the Romans in Italia proper. 

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