Sunday, December 25, 2016

Editio XII.

(Patavium, Cisalpine 261 BC Summer.) War with the Insubres, another Celt tribe had struck! A treacherous move but not a surprise really with two of their Armies in Patavium Provence had been watching the death throes of the Veneti.

Legio IV 'Herculia' had marched back to Italia to refit and recruit to fill in their losses. That left a lone legion to defend Patavium when war was declared.
Death ride of the Roman Calvary! Into the Insubres artillery
the Lancers charged.

General Lucius Cursor and Legio III 'Liberatrix' had the task of defending Patavium, that embattled town that had already seen two pitched battles in its streets. With no wall or fortifications the defense of the town against two Insubres armies would again be on the streets and alleys of Patavium, Cursor had no interest in sallying out to meet being so outnumbered.
At the eastern end of the Market the Romans and Insubres can be seen in
mortal combat! Celt casualties were very high with two Armies being all
but wiped out during the struggle.

The Roman General deployed his legionaries around a large market. At two choke-points he lined up infantry two formations deep, behind the infantry at both choke-points were a mass of missile troops; Velities (javelin throwers) and Roman archers.

Two other Roman formations of Calvary were deployed on the edge of town. From Patavium they initiated combat by charging the Insubres artillery. Across the open plain they galloped, under fire they dodged Celt Infantry and pressed home their attack. Losses were high from catapult rounds hitting them but they made it into the artillery disabling the catapults. Celtic cavalry caught up and then wiped out the Romans. But their mission had been accomplished, the Insubres artillery was out of the fight.

The Insubres merged their two armies and then charged into the city from the east, at the defensive line setup by the Roman General the foes locked in murderous combat. Javelins and arrows swarmed through the air hitting armor, shields and flesh. Masses of screaming barbarians pushed into the Roman line. The Romans used their tactic of shield and thrust, butchering the Insubres. But the great mass of Celts kept pressing and the Romans lost many infantry too.

Finally the Celt charge was spent, the Celts routed and retreated, General Cursor and the 3rd Legion had held the town.

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