Thursday, December 29, 2016

Editio XIII.

(Genua, Cisalpine. 260 BC Spring) The Massalia Greeks joined the Insubres in declaring war on Rome.  This left Genua as an easy target since the Massalia only had a fleet there in port, no armies in the province.

Legio II 'Antiqua' was in the very Northwest corner of Italia on the coast. The 2nd Legion under the command of Atillus Regulus marched north and attacked Genua. The Massalia fleet landed its marines and a fight broke out in several parts of the city. The weight of superior numbers for the Romans made itself felt, the Massalia were ground down and eliminated.

Rome had another city in the Cisalpine.
Greeks and Romans fighting in the city of Genua, Cisalpine.

State of the campaign as viewed towards the east from Massalia.

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